As the finest among Plastic Products Manufacturers in Sri Lanka with 50 years of experience, Polypak Secco understands the importance of quality packaging on your product. We are a leading ISO 9001 and BRC certified plastic based packaging solutions provider catering to the needs of industrial customers of all sizes in a diverse range of businesses. Our clientele ranges from large multinationals such as Unilever, Nestle and Ansell, to long-standing Sri Lankan companies including Ceylon Cold stores, Hemas, Maliban, Cargills, and leading apparel exporters such as Brandix, Hirdarmani, and MAS. We offer a versatile selection of packaging options to meet virtually any requirement in the market. Hailed as one of the leading plastic products manufacturer in Sri Lanka, Polypak offers the finest plastic-based packaging solutions for industrial customers across a broad array of industries.


We as the finest among polythene bag suppliers in Sri Lanka clearly understand the importance of quality packaging on your product. We offer a range of plastic products catering to the needs of many famous organizations in Sri Lanka. Our clients range from small businesses to large Multinational companies.
Our in-house quality assurance team ensures that all products manufactured satisfy internationally recognized quality standards such as:

ISO 9001:2008
BRC Packaging Certification
BRC Consumer goods
SEDEX Registration


Sohli Captain is a leading business personality who initiated the plastic business over 50 years ago. The mastermind behind development of Polypak Secco Limited started the company from its
humble beginning at Mayura Place to the billion rupee enterprise, which it is today. With his wide range of experience and technical skill, pure hard work and attention to detail he has succeeded in making Polypak Secco Limited one of the largest plastic packaging solution providers in Sri Lanka. In addition to his investment in Polypak Secco Limited, he has numerous other business investments including property, apparel, paints and surface coating as well as significant holdings in major listed companies. Mr. Captain was bestowed the Deshamanya title for his highly meritorious service. He is also a philanthropist and is involved in numerous charitable and social causes.

Rusi Captain is a skilled entrepreneur and an astute investor in Sri Lankan corporate sector. He is a director of privately owned companies including Paints and General Industries limited, CEI
Plastics Ltd and Ranweli Limited. Additionally he sits on the boards of listed companies CIC Holding Plc and Hatton National Bank Plc. Mr. Captain has a wealth of knowledge and over 20
years of business experience in a range of sectors. His interest varies from cutting and polishing diamonds, IT, paints, plastics and other packing material. He has introduced significant initiatives for Polypak Secco Ltd. He had been educated at the Royal College Colombo, Millfield, U.K. and University Of Miami, Florida.

Rimoe Saldin is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the United Kingdom and a
Certified Management Accountant, Australia. He is an alumni of the Asian Institute of Management, Manila. With over 20 years of top management level experience, Mr. Saldin has a
career spanning the areas of Finance, Human Resource Development, General Management and Operations.
Having joined the company in November 2014, Mr. Saldin serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Polypak Secco Ltd. He is also a Director of Paints and General Industries Ltd, He
also serves as a Director of CIC Holdings Plc and Chairman Chemanex Plc. He serves on the Board of Directors of a number of companies within the CIC Group including Akzo Nobel Paints
Lanka (Pvt) Ltd the joint venture with Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.V. Mr.Saldin previously served as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for Browns
Investments Plc and Group Chief Operating Officer Browns Group of companies, Country Controller for Royal Dutch Shell in Sri Lanka, Finance Director of Shell Gas Lanka Ltd and Shell
Terminal Lanka Limited.
He was the pioneer in the introduction and manufacturing of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in Sri Lanka. Mr. Saldin took the initiative of setting up CISCO Specialty Packaging Ltd and was the first Managing Director of CISCO Specialty Packaging Limited.


Hailed as one of the best in Plastic products suppliers in Sri Lanka that holds one of the largest manufacturing facilities at Kaduwela, 15 km away from the Colombo city. Polypak Secco Ltd, manufacture to internationally applicable quality standards such as ISO 9001 and BRC. We are also accredited with SEDEX.

In addition, wastage is minimized through maintaining an in-house recycling system. This has helped to improve the company’s productivity and be more environmentally responsible at the same time. The factory provides employment to more than 700 quality focused individuals


From a humble beginning in 1958, over a period of 50 years, Polypak Secco Limited has transformed into a leading plastic-based packaging solutions provider, catering to virtually any packaging need in the market.

The roots of Polypak Secco Limited can be traced to Secco Brushes Corporation, which was established in Wellawatta on 1st October 1958. The first products, manufactured were ‘Tek’ toothbrushes due to a licence agreement awarded by “Johnson and Johnson” of U.K.

Secco Brushes Corporation was the brainchild of Mr. Sohli Captain. He bought two machines, hired 25 employees and commenced his business at Mayura place. Polypak Industries decided to manufacture Polythene films and was formed as a partnership in 1962. The factory for Polypak Industries was setup in Wellawatta near Secco Brushes Corporation.




  • Propertex Limited
    A property development company owns and renting out office premises to businesses.
  • Paints and General Industries Limited
    This is the sole manufacture of paint and surface coating for Akzo Nobel Paints Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is also the ultimate holding Company of the Blue Chip giant CIC Holdings PLC.
  • Ranweli Limited
    Provides ware house facility to Paints and General Industries.